(Taipei) Experience the Exotic Jiufen (Chiufen) Old Street

《(Taipei) Experience the Exotic Jiufen (Chiufen) Old Street》

Jiufen (Chiufen)

Jiufen (Chiufen) is a small town in northeast coast of Taiwan with crooked roads and narrow alleys. It used to be the hub of gold mining during the Japanese colonial period, but had become a declining town during 1950s when gold mining was discontinued.The most popular tourist destination is the Jiufen (Chiufen) Old Street. There are 4 main two pedestrian streets in the old street: Jishan Street, Qiche Street, Qingbian Street, and Shuqi Street. The streets are crowded with people shopping for art crafts while enjoying local foods and snacks. The popular snacks here are brown sugar mocha, cudweed cakes, preserved eggs, fermented bean curd, taro rice cake, taro rice balls, and yam products.

Since the town had been largely forgotten for years, its looks and its historical items had been well preserved. You may see Japanese styled architectures, unique teahouses, and stores selling art crafts along the street. You may also find an observatory on the Jishan Street for appreciating views of the Pacific Ocean.

With the exotic and unique features, Jiufen Old Street even became one of the inspirations for a village in the notable Japanese anime movie “Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi).”

Are you ready to experience the exotic Jiufen (Chiufen) Old Street?
You may take a train to Ruifang Station, find the bus stop in front of the train station, and take the Keelung Transit bus toward Jinguashi to Jiufen.
Alternatively, you may take MRT to MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, exit from the exit no.1, and take the Keelung Transit bus toward Jinguashi to Jiufen.

2013 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival
Place: Lukang Township
Time: 2013/5/11 – 6/122013 Chiayi Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Budai Town
Date: 2013/06/08 SaturdayLocation 2: Donshih Town
Date: 2013/06/12 Wednesday

2013 Kaohsiung Zhongyun Fishing Port Traditional Dragon Boat Race
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2013 Kaohsiung International Dragon Boat Race
Date: 2013/06/09-2013/06/12
Location: Love River (in between Zhongzhen Bridge & Kaohsiung Bridge)

2013 Yilan Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Dongshan River Water Park
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Location 2 : Yilan River
Date: 2013/06/11-2013/06/12

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